Sunday, October 22, 2006

You Gave My Generation Abortion. We Are Going To Give You Euthanasia.

Read about it here and here and here.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Missouri Cloning Fake-Out

The pro-cloning forces are attempting a fakeout of the citizens of Missouri--which I understand to be a mainly pro-life state. The above video showing Cathy Ruse of Missourians Against Human Cloning, reveals the facts.

According Bob Novak, in his column published in the Chicago Sun-Times:

But Amendment 2 is identified for many Missouri voters by the language at the beginning of the five-page, 2,000-word ballot initiative: "No person may clone or attempt to clone a human being." That explains why polls have shown a substantial margin of support for the constitutional amendment, which is also backed by key Republican politicians and business interests. It seems to offer the best of all worlds: government support of stem cell research without fear of cloning.

The problem is that the proposal so narrowly defines cloning as to open the door in Missouri to any cloning procedure that takes place outside the womb. If this is approved by a state that historically is a barometer of national trends and is considered a pro-life stronghold, it will be a national model for breaking popular resistance to what the scientists and biotech companies want.

Wesley J. Smith weighs in:

They redefined cloning away from its scientific meaning and into a deceptive, and inaccurate advocacy or political meaning. They call cloning the implantation of the product of SCNT (which is an embryo) rather than the actual creation of the cloned embryo. That is junk biology and profoundly deceptive. The actual act of cloning is SCNT. That is what generates new life "asexually." The initiative redefines the term, so it is inaccurate, to fool the voters. That is how they "ban" cloning when they actually legalize it.

I could define the sky as yellow, or define a stink bug to be a butterfly in legislation. But the sky would still be blue and the stinkbug would still be a stink bug.

Watch the video and read both Bob Novak and Wesley J. Smith. A groundswell of pro-lifers need to arise to educate the populace about the Stalinistic tactics of the bio-tech firms who stand to profit from this attempt to stick taxpayers with a never-ending transfer of resources from them to bio-tech for procedures that the latter consider immoral.