Friday, January 20, 2006

Save Us From The utilitarian and Call to Texas Lawyers who are Pro-Life

A utilitarian society is one in which small, crabbed, self-important
bureaucrats have won the day - wherein they have managed to dot every i and
cross every t, and blot each entry before locking those valuable ledgers away. A
utilitarian society may even have trains that run on time. But it is a society
that is essentially empty because balanced books, as satisfying to the eye as
they might be, do not bring love or goodness or generosity or philosophy or
beauty to the world. And a soul (or a country) enslaved to their upkeep dies a
dreary death - alone, unmourned and unsung.

The Anchoress

The Anchoress was talking about the Kelo decision in the above quote. But as Maxed Out Mama notes, the reasoning is equally valid in discussions about so called "futile care" in medicine.

This blog is dedicated to making changes in Texas law regarding Advance Directives, specifically with regard to the section in the law that deals with so called "Futile Care." The contributors are lawyers and are members of a self-formed committee dedicated to ensuring that all discussion, debate and political processes regarding end-of-life laws are properly informed by morality and ethics that value human life as a gift from our Creator.

We reject the utilitarian construct that the value of human life is measurable by subjective opinions posited by so-called experts based on their idea of "quality." We reject the idea of "personhood." That is, that some human life is not worth preserving because that human does not rise to the level of "personhood" as dictated by the "experts.

We do not believe that a medical provider should have the right to cut off life-sustaining treatment to a patient who has specified that such treatment should continue. We do not believe that a medical provider should cut off such treatment contrary to the wishes of family members who represent the wishes of the patient.

If you are a Texas Lawyer who would like to join us in this fight, please let us know. If you are a Texas pro-life blogger, please let us know. We will need you in this upcoming fight.